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Here at One to One the cogs have been continuously turning trying to make our company as useful as it can be to both our candidates and clients. Whilst the dust settles from our recent relocation to Alexandra Warehouse, the team is proud to announce a promotion in the form of a new Account Manager Nadine Golding, and two new employees Chloe O’Donoghue (Resourcing Administrator) and Lauren Hillard (Traineeship).

Nadine started off at One to One as a Resourcing Administrator but has now gladly stepped up to join the other Account Managers in the bid to find people employment. With a passion for helping people and a keen eye for resourcing the right candidate for the right role, she will be a great addition to the Account Manager team.

Chloe has become our new Resourcing Administrator taking over from Nadine. In previous years she has completed University and is about to complete a Masters degree which shows real commitment to the work she does. Joining One to One to progress her career, she has already had a huge impact on the team and couldn’t be a better fit.

Finally, Lauren is currently on a work placement with us helping the administration team with the behind the scene stages of recruitment. Being the youngest in the office, Lauren brings a fresh perspective to the recruitment process and a keen eye for detail. At present Lauren is on a Traineeship at college and we hope to take her on as an Apprentice in the near future.

With all these fantastic changes in place, One to One is hoping to have its best year yet. The Recruitment industry won’t know what’s hit it!

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