Why use Recruitment Agencies?

A recruitment agency is the middle man between an organisation and their next potential employee. They are there to keep a database of quality candidates to help organisations fill vacancies as quickly as it takes to advertise them.

As the UK economy continues to improve, the demand for talented people increases. Recruiters can provide specialist help to identify and attract skilled candidates and can use their knowledge, expertise and judgement to match talented candidates to job vacancies, allowing organisations to grow their business.

So why do we need recruiters?

  • 54% of CEOs want to increase their headcount (up from 52% in 2017)
  • 73% of employers struggle to find relevant candidates
  • 44% of businesses are looking to hire full-time employees and 51% are planning to hire temporary employees – however 45% quoted that they were unable to fill the positions.
  • 86% of the most qualified candidates are not actively seeking a job.
  • 73% of all candidates are passive job seekers.

The need for the expertise of a recruiter is clear!

A organisations most valuable asset are the people it employs. Although it is important to match the candidate to the role, it is also important to match the role to the candidate. A happy workforce will create a positive impact of the organisation’s economy and business growth.

Recruitment agencies are there to be utilised by organisations to do all the hard work. From advertising roles to conducting first stage interviews, the time saved is unbeatable and the quality of candidates is first class. We are there to help you!

If you are struggling to fill a vacancy and would like the help of our expert recruiters, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01452 332852 or email jobs@onetotone-recruitment.co.uk

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