*Inhale* 1 2 3 *Exhale* 1 2 3.

As active as we love to be at One to One, sometimes you need to step away from the boxing and swinging through trees, to take a big breath in… 1 2 3… and a big breath out.

Yoga is a fantastic way to decrease stress, relieve anxiety and promote sleep quality, all of which are fundamental to productivity in the workplace. Anxiety and stress contribute massively to poor mental health so finding a way to decrease these factors is important for all aspects of working life.

With mental health finally getting the recognition it deserves, it is important as an employer to take responsibility of their employee’s mental health. We were lucky enough to get treated to a yoga session!

A recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development study highlighted the impact that mental ill health can have on organisations. The study found that:

  • 37% of sufferers are more likely to get into conflict with colleagues
  • 57% find it harder to juggle multiple tasks
  • 80% find it difficult to concentrate
  • 62% take longer to do tasks
  • 50% are potentially less patient with customers/clients.

Staff supported by their employer are more likely to be able to stay in work or return to work after a period of absence, reducing long-term absences in the organisation. Staff with good mental health are also more likely to perform well, have good attendance levels and be engaged in their work.

We’re not telling you to suddenly become yoga fanatics and incorporate yoga studios in your office space but promoting any kind of mindfulness your workforce is extremely beneficial not just to productivity but to your employee’s own health.

Always remember that even the happiest of people can be affected by mental health so look out for your colleagues!

A big thank you to Jodie at Quayside Yoga for having us!

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